Cruise the Eolian Islands and catch a glimpse of dramatic, volcanic Stromboli and its black sands. Tantalize your taste buds with Palermo's gourmet delights before cruising to unspoiled and picturesque island of Faviniana. Visit the cultural wonders of Syracuse, taste the famous Nero d'Avolla, a strong Sicilian red wine, before starting a short voyage across the sea of Dolphins to the secret island of Malta.



DAY 1 :
- CEFALU-FILICUDI Palermo-Cefalu 32 nm
- Cefalu-Filicudi 4 nm

Guests arrive at PALERMO Airport to be met by the crew. Limo 14 km transfer to the boat docked at Porto Acquasanta. After settling in we set course along the North coast of Sicily for the charming fishing town of Cefalu. With its narrow cobbled streets lined with cafes and shops and the 12 Century Norman Cathedral and medieval wash house! Late in the afternoon we sail bound for the Aeolian Islands, domain of Aeolus the God of Wind.
We reach the Island of Filicudi, and 'Stromboli' late in the afternoon. Once anchored enjoy a swim in the warm water that laps gently against the rim of this small but stunningly beautiful Island or take a tour of the island by tender. This allows you to discover the magnificent natural caves and small creeks, accessible only by the sea including the "bue marino" on the West side of the island famed for the iridescent blue water. Palermo-Cefalu 32 nm

DAY 2 :

A short distance is Lipari the largest of the Aeolian chain and renowned for its quarries of pumice stone creating white beaches with waters so clear and colbolt blue. Its archaeological museum is one of the most important in Europe. In the afternoon stroll around the charming village home to the most photogenic cats. Overlooking the bustle of the port the 16th century castle decorates the headland. Facing the museum is Da Filippino, one of the best and most famous restaurants in the region - a culinary must for lunch.
After lunch we can sail to Panerea the Jet-Set Island of stark white houses and brilliant yellow ginestra bushes home of the ultra trendy Hotel Raya .

How about chartering a helicopter to take you for your own private trip over and around the Volcano!

After dinner we haul anchor passing on a warm pitch black night the 40,000 year old lighthouse which comes alive and 'speaks' every 20 or so minutes. Orange shooting stars explode to meet their white neighbours in the sky. Sailing overnight, we leave behind the Aeolian Islands for mainland Italy.

DAY 3 :

In the morning we arrive at Amalfi. From 800 to 1100 AD the merchants of Amalfi brought Moorish architecture and the odd artefact back to the village, the centre of an intellectual maritime elite. The small squares and details are to behold, rich in glamour & culture, hosting some of the most distinctive establishments on the coast. Take a stroll and see the beautiful marble-faced church in the heart of town.

Ideally here a private VIP trip can be arranged by luxury minivan to visit Pompeii. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D covered Pompeii, Herculaneum, Ercolano & Oplonti, freezing them in time. Pompeii is no mere ruin, walking down the old Roman high street, peek into shops, read the graffiti on the walls and wander the back streets exploring the homes of the inhabitants. Although Pompeii is quite large you can see all of it in a little more than a half day.

Or an alternative might be to explore the villages along the peninsular, each with its unique characteristics.

• Vietri sul Mare : Famous for its beautiful hand decorated ceramics.
• Cetara : A charming fishing village noted for its trade of Anchovies.
• Atrani : The smallest town in Italy.
• Ravello : Visit the nestled historic village of Ravello, romantic & refined with exquisite architecture, fabulous sweet smelling gardens of Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrione and a feeling of quiet privilege. Much loved by Jacqueline Kennedy and where the likes of German composer Wagner found inspiration for his masterpiece Parsifal & D.H Lawrence worked on Lady Chatterley's Lover.

DAY 4 :
- POSITANO-CAPRI Amalfi-Positano 10 nm
- Positano-Capri 15 nm

Departing Amalfi in the morning we slowly cruise along the coast to Positano. Italy's most vertical town spills down from the Coriniche like a waterfall of pink, cream and yellow villas and narrow alleyways carved between stucco-fronted houses and a deluge of steps mellowed by the years.
Along the vertically winding lanes & squares you will find fashion, art & pottery to peruse. After having the opportunity to explore the towns boutiques. The anchorage is the perfect opportunity for water sports and to work up an appetite.

Just outside the town almost hidden amidst the vegetation is the Hotel San Pietro, accessible via private lift. The hotel sits high on the cliff face, where the beautiful restaurant terrace ringed by hibiscus bushes is the perfect setting for an elegant meal overlooking the yacht.

In the evening we sail towards surely the most famous island of Italy, the pearl of the Bay. This beach less island is outstandingly beautiful with buildings & flowers, a riot of colours & smells. Almost art directed to perfection and the inspirational muse for artists and writers.
We anchor on the South side of the Island in view of the formation known as Faraglioni Island or as Lord Byron Island. Perched high on a hill, the main fashionable town which offers excellent trendy shopping and breathtaking views is reached by a winding road in one of Capri's nostalgic convertible taxi's. If required an early booking can reserved a berth at Marina Grande.

DAY 5 :
- AT CAPRI Capri to Ponza 60 nm
We continue our stay in Capri to visit Anacapri, it is a smaller version of Capri perched on a hilltop with stunning views. Monte Solaro is the highest point on the island reached by a chairlift from Anacapri. As an alternative you might want to visit the iridescent caverns of the Blue Grotto discovered in 1826, taken there by the yachts tender and transferred to the cavern by hired gondola, afterwards you could always take the tender around the whole of Capri!
Before leaving the island:
Why not taste the local cake: torta caprese, made with almonds and chocolate and covered in icing sugar and originates from the Napoleon Empire.
Have a pair of the celebrated Capri pants made to measure. Later in the evening we sail from the glitz and glamour to the swordfish-famed, rugged charm of Ponza

DAY 6 :
- AT PONZA Ponzato Ostia (Roma) 58 nm

Wake up and take breakfast in Cala Inferno which derives its name from the intense reflection of the sun. The cliffs and rock pinnacles have been eroded into fantastic and wonderful shapes, a geological feast of metamorphosed rock. Enjoy a refreshing swim or snorkel amongst the formations in the crystal water. In the afternoon take the tender to the town of Ponza arranged in a semi-circle around the old fishing harbour famed for its picturesque beauty with pastel rose, ochre, blue and white houses under green slopes and the fishing boats providing slashes of bright colour on the waterfront. For those that dive there are excellent sites to explore, including the relic of an English naval ship from the last war in 20m of water.
Notable are the Grotte di pilato and the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre
In the afternoon we leave the Pontine Islands behind us and head to the Italian mainland and its capital. Arriving in marina Porto di Roma it has a centre and life all of it's own with boutiques and cafes to sample. Just two kilometres away is the archaeological excavations of Ostia Antica, the ancient harbour of Rome
dating back to 4 BC.

DAY 7 :

What better way to explore and really appreciate this ancient city than with your own personal tour to show you all that Rome has to offer. From the marina into the heart of Rome is 30 minutes by luxury mini van.

DAY 8 :
Disembarkation in ROMA transfer to the Airport by Limo