Immerse yourself in the clamour and bustle of te crowded bazaars of Fethiye and make fantastic bargains, or explore the nearby canyon of Saklikent. Enter into the captivating and enigmatic style of Marmaris with its chronicles of ancient civilizations and culture. Cruise to the hot spot of Bodrum and let yourself in for a night of food tasting and fun, the Turkish way! Spread your toes on the sands of the famous long, golden beaches of the coast of Kusadasi or take a stroll in the quiet pine forest that eventually meet the sea in peaceful coves. Cleopatra found the beaches of Turkey irresistible and so will you!


Bodrum (Turkey) - Greek Islands-Göcek (Turkey)
Bodrum - Kos - Mykonos - Paros - Simi - Marmaris - Rhodes - Santorini -Anafi - Gocek

Day 1 :
Transfer from Bodrum Airport for embarkation onto yacht in Bodrum harbour. Enjoying dinner on board or explore the mix of history, entertainment and night life of this lively town, Bodrum.

Day 2 :
After breakfast, sailing to the Greek Island Kos. Visiting the famous "Plane Tree" under which Hypocrites the father of medicine taught his students, the houses dating from the Roman era with fabulous mosaics and the Palace of the Knights of St.John. Bodrum- Kos 11 nm

Day 3 :
Sailing to Mykonos, definitely one of the most naturally beautiful Cyclades Islands. Spending the day sightseeing and touring this beautiful land piece. A mixture of night life and hundreds of narrow streets selling folk items on this very cosmopolitan island. Kos - Mykonos 100 nm

Day 4 :
Sailing to the elegant Greek Island of Paros after having breakfast in Mykonos. Spend the day in Naoussa Bay, superb for water sports and nearby Kolimbithres beach with its unusual rock formations. Dinner in Paros. Mykonos-Paros 27 nm

Day 5 :
Sailing to Simi. This small Greek island is a perfect settlement of fishing villages and sandy beaches. Spend the day sightseeing or relaxing before enjoying dinner in Simi . Paros to Simi 145 nm

Day 6 :
Sailing to Marmaris, Cruising to Kadýrga Burnu for lunch and then for an afternoon swim.Night spent at anchor in Turunç or Kumlubük harbour.
Simi to Marmaris 37 nm

Day 7 :
After breakfast, taking a small trip to Dalyan river delta to explore the ruins of the Ancient Caunes (Carian) incredible rock tombs. Swimming at the Istuzu Beach known as the feeding ground for Caretta- Caretta sea turtles. Spending the night at anchor in Marmaris.

Day 8 :
Sailing to Rhodes, exploring the biggest and the most busy Greek Island. Spending the day sightseeing and shopping perhaps? Dinner in Rhodes.
Marmaris- Rhodes 25 nm

Day 9 :
Sailing to Simi, and spending the day swimming, water skiing and/or relaxing on board. Rhodes-Simi 24 nm

Day 10 :
Sailing to Santorini. After having lunch, sightseeing and exploring the exceptional old village of Thira during the day. In the evening sailing to Ios. This small island is beautiful with untouched coves and quiet beaches. Dinner in Ios and night spent at anchor. Simi - Santorini 113 nm

Day 11 :
Spending the day in Santorini.

Day 12 :
After breakfast sailing to Anafi, one of the sacred Greek Islands near Santorini. Swimming, water skiing and sun bathing. Lunch and dinner on board in Anafi Santorini- Anafi 19 nm

Day 13 :
Sailing to Rhodes and spending the day exploring the "Old Town" and/or doing water sports in a quite beach. Anafi-Rhodes 120 nm

Day 14 :
Breakfast in Gocek. After breakfast exploring the beautiful beaches around Gulf of Fethiye, swimming, sunbathing and enjoying water sports. Lunch in Ekincik Bay. Rhodes-Gocek 42 nm

Day 15 :
Disembarkation from the yacht and transfer to Dalaman Airport.


Kusadasi - Akbuk - Iasus - Gulluk - Gumusluk - Bodrum

Day 1 :
Transfer from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi Marina for embarkation on to yacht. Kusadasi possesses one of the best-equipped marinas in Turkey, providing wintering for boats both afloat and ashore. The nightlife is renowned along the coast with excellent bars, jazz clubs, discos and cabarets that promise evenings filled with excitement and entertainment. Night spent in Kusadasi.

Day 2 :
After having breakfast attending to a tour of the famous ruins of Ephesus, an important city of antiquity remains a highlight of any visit to Turkey. The city was dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, and it is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Close by is the site of St. John's Basilica and the home of the Virgin Mary. Sailing to Akbuk Bay and spending the night here. Kusadasi - Akbuk 56 nm

Day 3 :
Morning spent swimming and relaxing in Akbük Bay, which is hidden behind a forested promontory. Visit to the picturesque and dramatic ruins at Heracleia near Lake Bafa on the stark slopes of Mount Latmos. After lunch a short sail to Didim. A short visit to The Temple of Apollo at Didim ,the ruins at Militos and the ancient city of Priene. Not far from The Archaeological site, the beautiful beach of Altýnkum tempts all visitors and offers a good opportunity for sailing, swimming and relaxation. After dinner sailing to Iasus. Akbuk-Iasus 21 nm

Day 4 :
Breakfast in Iasos. Swimming and doing water sports until lunch. A visit to the ruins of Iassus and the enchanting Temple of Zeus is a must before sailing to Gulluk. Gulluk preserves its rustic fisherman's village features and atmosphere. There are fishermen, coffee houses and restaurants here. Night spent in Gulluk at anchor.

Day 5 :
Having a hearty breakfast on board and then maybe trip to discover Mylases Mausoleum of Gumuskesen Museum- and then after, shop to your hearts content at the Old Bazaar and Mosque. In the afternoon enjoy sailing, fishing and surfing. After lunch sailing to Turkbuku, one of the most popular beach-towns in South-Aegean coast. Iasus-Turkbuku 15 nm

Day 6 :
After having breakfast in Turkbuku, cruising to Yalikavak Bay and enjoy snorkelling,Swimming before lunch on board. After a short sail you arrive to Gumusluk where you can see the ruins of ancient Myndos under the crystal waters. This beautiful small village offers excellent fish restaurants many small souvenir shops. Dinner and night stay in Gumusluk.
Turkbuku-Gumusluk 18 nm

Day 7 :
Sail to the picturesque harbour of Bodrum. Visit the Castle, the Underwater Museum and Mausoleum of Mauselea - one of the Seven wonders of the antique world! This busy town is also one of the most popular summer resorts of Turkey. The rich history, the beautiful sea, the sun and colourful nights of joy and entertainment; this is the call of Bodrum. After lunch, relaxing on board in a quiet bay. Gumusluk-Bodrum 17 nm

Day 8 :
Sightseeing and shopping in the town of Bodrum. Disembarkation from yacht to Bodrum airport.